Saturday, June 28, 2008

Update on Dying Caregiver in Canada

Juana Tejada's work permit has been extended by the Canadian government from August 8 to December 10 to allow officials more time to properly assess her case. Her visiting husband has also been granted an open work permit so he can find employment to support her. Please check out the full story in the online version of Toronto Star.


Anthony-Tokyo Japan said...

I extend my support through prayer for Juana Tejada. I am happy that the canadian government has extended her visa; it's a start for her fight and the opportunity for her husband to come for her, to support her not just financially, but to express to her the love and care most OFW's would deny of themselves with their spouses just to earn a living abroad.

I saw in her the same loving commitment for her work just like my mom, who has endured years away from us just to support us. Truly, Juana is one filipina we all can be proud of; as i quote one line of the article in Toronto Star online....
"Our nanny(Juana) was like family to us. These girls do things that no Canadian will do. Juana has paid her dues and our immigration should do the right thing," said the retired Mississauga secretary.

Mabuhay po kayo Juana Tejada! The Lord bless you!

Dr. Carmelita C. Ballesteros said...

@anthony-tokyo japan

Marami pong salamat sa inyong pakikiisa sa laban ni Gng. Juana Tejada.

It's a magnificent fight -- to fight for her rights as a human being, and to fight for life itself.

Let us give our full trust in our Loving Father in Heaven. He is ever-faithful.

Dr. Barbara Spilchuk said...

As a Canadian citizen, I am appalled by this violation of human rights for medical reasons. Surely we can live in a world that offers compassion, caring and consideration past papered Canadian citizens to those who come to Canada to offer their productivity and good citizenship. There is no doubt that Canadians need to look closely at this situation as it sets a standard not just for those who come to work in Canada from outside our borders, visitors who are seeking landed immigrant status, but also for our own citizens. Violation of human rights for any reason is unconsciounable. I will be asking the International Schools Review to link to Barangay-OFW to our website so that teachers around the world can support Pillipinos in need.

Dr. Barbara Spilchuk
Online Teacher Advisor
International Schools Review

A Canadian who strongly urges her government to reconsider, in her favor, Juana Tejada's application for Canadian citizenship.

Dr. Carmelita C. Ballesteros said...

@dr. barbara spilchuk

Thank you with all my heart for your all-out support of Juana Tejada's application for Canadian citizenship.

May her case become a golden oppor-tunity for Canadians to set the highest standards of respect for human rights in the whole world.